Kids at Walt Disney World

Have a Magical Time at the Parks Without Breaking the Bank

Going on a vacation is one of the happiest experiences that you can give to your family, especially when it’s a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation. Between experiencing all of the amazing rides, going out to eat, walking around the parks, and even relaxing in beautiful Orlando, there are so many things that you can do alone or with the ones you love.

However, before jumping right into your dream vacation, there can be a few spending pitfalls that any savvy Walt Disney World® Resort guest should know to look out for. After all, fun and excitement can be expensive if you’re not careful! With this list of the best money-saving tips, you can have the ideal Disney experience for the ideal price.

Use a Budget Worksheet

While the idea of a Walt Disney World® Resort budget worksheet may sound strange, they have been designed with smart vacationers in mind! These handy tools will have every imaginable expense covered, such as transportation, food, living arrangements, souvenirs, and more. All that you will have to do is fill out your worksheet during the trip, and it will easily keep a running tab of how much you have spent on different items and events! It can even be a good idea to fill one out before your trip with what you expect to happen during the vacation, so that you can get an idea of your overall budget amount that you are comfortable with spending.

Prepare Alternatives for the Big Expenses

One of the best ways to have a cheap Walt Disney World® Resort vacation is to spend your time doing fun and fulfilling things – that don’t require taking out the wallet quite as much.

  • Are you worried about expensive flight costs? Consider driving to Orlando if the gasoline and time costs are more manageable.
  • Dreading the idea of going to too many pricey restaurants? You can always pack a lunchbox at the hotel, and bring it into the park for a picnic with your family.
  • Trying to find a free way to take up time in the park? Just stand back, and watch all of the musicians, jugglers, and other street performers do their thing!

By putting in the time to prepare for cheaper things to do at Walt Disney World® Resort, you will be surprised with how much you can save while still getting a great experience.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Do Too Much

Without a doubt, Walt Disney World® Resort has more variety than you could almost ever imagine. Since you will likely only be spending a few days at the parks, it can be stressful to try and cram everything into shorter trips. There is certainly something to be said for hitting all of the must-rides on your checklist, but going too overboard can leave you wiped-out physically, mentally, and financially.

Walt Disney World® Resort ticket prices are not cheap, and they are steadily rising as the years go by. If you are looking to save money on your dream trip to the parks, plan out a general idea for what you would like to realistically get to. Are you more interested in the classic Walt Disney World® Resort attractions like the It’s a Small World and Space Mountain rides? Or is your family slightly older, and would prefer to experience the cultural excitement of Epcot®? Making the decision to limit your park selection can not only save you money, but it can also allow you to do and experience more in your park of choice.

Know When to Say “No” (Correctly)

Taking your child on a Walt Disney World® Resort trip should be a special occasion, and special occasions call for special treats every now and then! But with the infinite number of restaurants, vendors, and carnival game options available all across all of Walt Disney World® Resort, there can also come a time when you will need to practice restraint. Allowing your child to experience the magic of Disney is important, but allowing them to have everything that they want (whenever they want it) can lead to spoiled behavior and bad habits.

To keep an eye on your Walt Disney World® Resort spending, try to plan out what your child can and cannot have on each day of your trip, and ration those planned treats or games throughout the day. Sticking to this plan can be tough, but it will prevent you from spending more than you really want to in the moment. Remember: kids can act out at times, but rewarding good behavior (rather than punishing bad behavior) is always the best way to ensure that you and your family walk away from Walt Disney World® Resort with a positive experience.

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