Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park in Orlando

Wonderworks Indoor Amusement Park in Orlando

A perfect experience on a rainy day, WonderWorks Indoor Amusement Park provides ample opportunities for fun in an interesting, educational setting. This 35,000 square foot amusement will boggle the mind when you walk up to it since it looks like the entire thing is upside down! The “tale” behind the building is it was once a top-secret laboratory located in the Bermuda triangle. After an experiment went wrong, the entire building was lifted into the air and plopped down in the middle or Orlando for you and your family to enjoy!

With six “wonder zones,” WonderWorks is the perfect place to discover the world and all its marvels. From the Natural Disasters zone that lets you become a human lightning rod, experience an earthquake, and take a ride in the “Hurricane Shack”, to the Space Discovery zone that will let you take a spin in an EVA suit or land the space shuttle—there won’t be any shortage of fascinating, educational, and fun experiences for you and your kids!

Wonderworks also features an indoor, glow-in-the-dark ropes course suspended 3 stories above the ground, a laser tag arena, and a 4D XD motion theater! Needless to say, you won’t even notice the gloomy day pass you by.

No outside food or drinks are permitted in WonderWorks, but there are snacks available on-site at the Works Café. Pictures are permitted, and there is a neat gift shop where you can purchase great souvenirs or treats to commemorate your day.

WonderWorks Indoor Amusement Park

9067 International Dr
Orlando, FL

Distance from Hotel:
10 miles