Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando

Have you ever wondered about the majesty of the ill-fated Titanic and wished you could have experienced its opulent beauty and romance? Then the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition in Orlando is the place for you! The world’s largest, permanent Titanic attraction in the world, the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition has 20,000 square feet of interactive displays and exhibits all paying homage to the “unsinkable” Titanic.

Wander through 17 different galleries and marvel at wonders like the “Little Big Piece,” a 3-ton piece of the ship’s hull, which was the second largest section of the ship ever to be recovered and brought to the surface.

Gaze in awe at the full-size recreations of the Grand Staircase, a First Class Cabin, the Verandah Café, and more. You will even be able to walk out onto the promenade deck and experience the chill of the icy Atlantic air and gaze up at the stars blinking above.

Take a picture on The Grand Staircase or sink your hands into a recreation of the iceberg that took the Titanic down. Walk through some of the many galleries and learn about the people who built the Titanic, the people who worked on it and captained it, and its passengers. Look at recovered artifacts and learn more about what happened on that fated night when the Titanic sank.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition isn’t just about exhibits though; it’s also about education. In fact, a huge part of why the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition exists is for the recovery and preservation of artifacts from the Titanic for future generations and for further research.

All ages are welcome at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and are open every day from 10AM to 5PM.

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

7324 International Dr
Orlando, FL

Distance from Hotel:
11 miles