Orlando Balloon Rides in Davenport

Orlando Balloon Rides in Davenport

The wonder and magic of a hot air balloon ride is something that can’t be explained. Drifting silently above Florida’s lush greenery, Orlando Balloon Rides in Davenport is the definition of peace and serenity.

Just after sunrise, you will climb into one of the exceptionally large baskets (able to fit 16 to 20 passengers) as the 210,000 cubic ft to 310,000 cubic ft balloon begins its ascent into the sky. The large baskets make Orlando Balloon Rides the perfect choice for a group or family outing. During your hour-long ride, expect to rise from just above the treetops to as high as 2,500 feet!

Orlando Balloon Rides encourages you to bring your camera and to take pictures of the impressive 360-degree view you will be afforded. Worried about chilly temperatures putting a damper on your day? Don’t be! Orlando Balloon Rides stay low enough so as not to experience a change in temperature. However, they do recommend long pants and shirts and maybe a light jacket, and no sandals or high heels!

You will arrive one hour before your flight to travel to one of the many launch sites and sign a passenger waiver, after which you will watch the balloons be inflated, and then you’re off!

After landing, you will toast your successful and beautiful flight with a celebratory champagne toast (non-alcoholic beverages are also available).

Children above 6 years old are welcome, and an adult must accompany all minors.

Private, chartered flights are also available, so if you have a special event coming up or someone you really want to wow, you can be sure that this memorable and beautiful event will last in their memories for a lifetime.

Orlando Balloon Rides

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