Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Kissimmee location

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Kissimmee location

If you’ve always had a passion for a time long past, come join your fellow medieval times’ lovers at the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Kissimmee. You’ll enjoy a thrilling, medieval tournament complete with jousting, falconry, and heart-stopping horsemanship as you enjoy a superb, four-course feast.

This family-friendly event is hosted in a replica 11th-century castle filled with interesting artifacts and armor, and different coats of arms that are educational and interesting. You will be sitting ringside and watching all the action go down mere feet away. The astounding cast is also expert riders, and you’ll have the pleasure of being able to watch the jousters crash into each other from atop their mighty steeds and feel the ground shake as they thunder past.

You will be seated in the Grand Ceremonial Arena to watch the festivities and given colored crowns that will color-coordinate with one of six knights you will be cheering for. Show your competitive streak as you cheer on your chosen knight as he vies for the honor of being the King’s Champion.

You will be served a delicious, medieval-style, four-course meal over the course of the evening. Get ready to be messy because the 11th century didn’t have cutlery—and neither will you!

Children and adults alike will enjoy the impressive show and the dedicated cast that will transport you to a time long ago. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament has recently added a vegan option to their meal options to their menus, which can be arranged for ahead of time.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Orlando

4510 W Vine St
Kissimmee, FL

Distance from Hotel:
3 miles