Get ready for a screaming good time at Gatorland!

Gatorland is a 110-acre park on the Orange Blossom Trail that has a little something for everyone. Thousands (and we do mean thousands) of crocodiles and alligators call this wildlife preserve theme park home. If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in seeing one of the world’s most impressive predators, then Gatorland is a must see!

Founded in 1949, Gatorland is nestled in the Florida wetlands and features an impressive assortment of animals native to the South. Aside from crocodiles and alligators, you will find birds, birds, and more birds! From Gold and Blue Macaws and Amazon Parrots, and even a gorgeous, Great Horned Owl rescued after a car accident, Gatorland’s feathered friends will have you crowing in wonder.

Visit the Very Merry Aviary to get up close to hundreds of budgerigars. Feed them from your hand and let them perch on your shoulder. You can see our Emu’s in the Emu Enclosure, or watch our pretty pink Flamingos on Flamingo Island.

Gatorland also has its own natural bird rookery. In the spring, birds of all kinds flock to Gatorland’s Breeding Marsh to take advantage of the gators and crocodiles protection. Wildcats, snakes, and tortoises also call this unique preserve home. Animal interaction experiences like Trainer-For-A-Day and Meet-A-Gator will bring you closer to these powerful creatures than ever before!

Go on a gator off-road adventure with the Stompin’ Gator Off-Road Adventure ride. Jump onto one of three, 12-foot, custom off-roading vehicles to see the Florida wetlands in a fantastic, fun, and ecologically friendly way.

Gatorland also offers snack bars, a full-service restaurant, and a coffee shop.


14501 S Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL

Distance from Hotel:
7 miles