Walt Disney World FastPass

Know Before You Go: The FastPass

The thought of rushing through crowds, standing in long lines and impatient kids might make you feel more stressed than excited about going to Walt Disney World® Resort. But, there’s a solution, folks! It’s Walt Disney World® Resort’s FastPass, and even if you’ve heard of it, you might not know exactly how it works. Or, the most strategic way to use it.

On a positive note, there are perks to the lines you’ll need to stand in. The anticipation of the ride, bonding with your friends and family, and getting to know your ride “neighbors” in line next to you. It’s just all part of the magical Walt Disney World® Resort experience.

Benefits of the FastPass

So, what exactly is the Walt Disney World® Resort FastPass? (And did we mention that it’s free?)

FastPass lets you reserve three rides in advance via the My Disney Experience app or website once your reservation window opens 30 days out at 7am Eastern Time. Just link your park admission to your Disney account to have access to the FastPass service.

This should tell you that it’s beneficial to book your WWalt Disney World® Resort trip at least a month out so that you can take advantage of the FastPass. It’s important to note that you can reserve any three rides before you get there! Splash Mountain? Yes. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad? That, too. Space Mountain?!! Yes, it’s true!

How to Use the FastPass

Now, once you’ve actually used all of your FastPass reservations, you can make one additional reservation for any attraction in the park as long as it’s available.  (Just use the My Disney Experience app or the FastPass kiosks in the park. And although there are lines at the kiosks, those are way shorter than the lines for the actual rides!)

After that reservation has been used, you can make another. And so on and so forth. Repeat the process until the park closes or until there’s nothing else available. This process is referred to as the “rolling FastPass”.

Walt Disney World® Resort even has FastPass reservations for character greetings and for special viewing areas for parades and fireworks. With that said, FastPass reservations can be made for your whole group or for individuals, in case everyone wants to do different things. Maybe the younger kids want to meet Mickey Mouse and the young adults would prefer to ride a roller coaster, for example.

FastPass at Epcot

If you’re visiting Epcot® at Walt Disney World® Resort, you can only reserve a FastPass reservation for just one Tier 1 attraction per day. This can be a little difficult at because Epcot’s three most popular rides with the longest lines are Tier 1 attractions.

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Test Track
  • Soarin’

Even after your initial three reservations are booked, you still can’t book another Tier 1 attraction that day. If you want to ride all three in a single day, make sure you arrive early and go to Frozen Ever After first thing! If you have a Frozen Ever After reservation, you should start the day at Test Track. Test Track’s line moves much more quickly than Soarin’. If you go to Soarin’ first, the Test Track line gets too long.

Strategy for FastPass Use

Managing your attraction selections is important and using the FastPass just needs a bit of strategy.

So, here are a few helpful tips to make note of.

  • Ideally, you’ll want to schedule your Walt Disney World® Resort FastPass attractions between 10am-1pm.
  • Take advantage of the shorter lines in the morning so that you’ll have more time in the late afternoon/evening to experience as many attractions as possible.
  • Don’t book FastPasses on rides that don’t usually have long waits or rides that you’re not that interested in.
  • Book your three FastPass reservations in an order that makes sense and doesn’t have you running from one part of a park to another and then back again. Combine attractions that are in close proximity to each other.
  • As soon as you tap in to your last FastPass reservation, make sure to book your next one immediately! You don’t even have to wait until you’ve ridden the current attraction. You can book your reservation while waiting in line for your last one.

When all is said and done, your trip to Walt Disney World® Resort will be nothing short of amazing. Especially when you use the FastPass to manage your time and find yourself on the rides you’ve been anticipating! Whether you’re new to Walt Disney World® Resort or a frequent visitor, the experience is always exciting.

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