Kids Age at Walt Disney World

How to Make Sure that Your Child has Fun at the Parks Whether They’re 8 or 18

Whether it is just idling along the lazy river which encircles one of the water parks, or the excitement of the Tower of Terror ride, finding something at Walt Disney World® Resort for adults is easy. Walt Disney World® Resort is an ideal vacation getaway for busy parents. However, you probably won’t want to go to the happiest place on Earth without your kids! There are hundreds of unique and exciting things to do at Walt Disney World® Resort, and different forms of entertainment for the whole family.

Categorizing Walt Disney World® Resort rides by age is tricky, because there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all rule to what your child will or will not enjoy. However, there are certain rides and attractions across the parks which are more suited for different age groups, and learning about these areas can help you to plan out your trip accordingly. Read on for the most up-to-date recommendations for your family’s different interests!

Preparing Your Child for a Walt Disney World® Resort Vacation

Giving your child a Walt Disney World® Resort surprise is one of the most exciting things that you can do for them – and it will make you seem like a pretty cool parent! However, if your child has never been there before, it can also be a confusing time for them, as they may not really know what to expect. This is a great opportunity to get them involved in your vacation preparations, as showing your child Disney movies and pictures of Walt Disney World® Resort itself can get them excited, and help you to make your list of places to go in the parks.

It’s also a good idea to prepare your child for Walt Disney World® Resort by setting some ground rules for what will happen while you are on vacation. It can help to get your child in the right mindset if you take the time to discuss:

  • How many days you will be spending at the parks.
  • How many times you will be stopping for snacks and treats each day.
  • Whether or not they will be able to buy any toys at the park, and when.
  • What kinds of responsibilities they will have on the trip, and whether or not they can go anywhere without supervision.

What will my toddler get out of a Walt Disney World® Resort trip?

The joys of Walt Disney World® Resort for toddlers are many, and you will find no shortage of excellent rides and attractions that your littlest children will adore. Especially inMagic Kingdom® Park, there are a number of fun and safe activities that are designed for youngsters, such as the classic Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride, meeting Cinderella and Elena at Princess Fairytale Hall, and much more. Additionally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios® is great for toddlers who want to meet their favorite characters from the movies, while Disney’s Animal Kingdom® is a great way to teach your child about nature and animals.

Walt Disney World® Resort Ideas for Elementary-Aged Kids

Get ready for the best rides at Walt Disney World® Resort, because your elementary-aged children are probably going to want to ride them! Depending on their age and height, this is the age range where many children begin to be able to ride more rides, and generally seek out more excitement. This is a wonderful excuse for bonding time between parents and young children, as going on Splash Mountain or The Haunted Mansion are things that both you and your child can enjoy. If your child is disappointed that they are too short or too young for a certain ride, fear not! There are dozens of other fun rides that are available to them, and you will just have to fill their day with other exciting activities!

What Walt Disney World® Resort Can Do for Your Teen

Walt Disney World® Resort for teens can be tricky, depending on your child. This is because at a certain point, your teenager may grow out of wanting to ride the carousel, and instead want to go on Space Mountain or simply wander the park with a friend. While this is normal behavior, it is always a great idea to ease teens into spending more time with family. A little bit of time for individualism should be encouraged, but asking your teen what they would like to do – and adjusting your family plans so that everyone can be involved in your teen’s favorite activity – will allow you and your family to become closer and have fun on vacation together.

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